Field of Dream

Camellia Sinensetic Cosmogenesis


How the Universe Spilled out of a Great Bowl of Tea


It was just the other year on a lazy summer’s afternoon as I lay in reverie at the side of a stream—while the dandelion seedlings floated by, seeking some place of rest for to start a new life—I overheard a story whispered through the reeds; A story of how all things—great and small in this wide, wild, cosmic-dancer-1mysterious world—came to be.

And strange as it may seem, according to this story whispered through the reeds, all the world—the creatures and manifold beings therein—originally came out of a Great Bowl of Tea spilled on to a Field of Dream.

It all began when the Cosmic Dancer gazed into her own eyes…

Now, perhaps it would be naive to expect many to take earnest heed of cosmogenetic theories produced by the visions of giddy poets on lazy afternoons…    …but perhaps if you’ll bend your ear ever so slightly into this song, you too may overhear the whisperings of the Cosmic Dancer and catch a glimpse of the Primordial Genesis.

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Ever renewed by the stars so near,